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Stone Casting, Inc.

Custom-made to fit your home and your lifestyle.

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Stone Casting's exquisite chimney pots, fireplace mantels, sub-division signage, and landscape pieces, including: water fountains, statues, benches, etc., are the first choice for those with a discriminating eye for sophistication and elegance.

With over 30 years experience in pre-cast stone and molding, all our work is hand-crafted meticulously with precision and incomparable distinction, custom created with Old-European craftsmenship.

Since Stone Casting, Inc. started back in 2002, our designs have embellished the facade of many home as magnificent works of art, each with savoir faire, artistic vision & refinement.

Whether ornate or simply elegant, the nature of our production process ensures there will be no two that are alike - each piece is exclusively yours!

Our products are constructed with modified-GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), which significantly reduces their weight. For example, our chimney pots are repeatedly 1/3 the weight of our competitors chimney pots - just one reason why our custom designs cost less than pieces mass produced elsewhere!

Our custom designs are a GREEN product available in an array of colors & finishes (GLOSS or MATTE), and are tested for HEAT, STRESS, & FREEZE THAW. Rain guards are available for ALL of our chimney pot sizes too.

Stone Casting Inc's patent-pending process:

  1. dramatically reduces shipping costs due to its light weight, so our products are available nationwide!
  2. prevents breakage during shipping thanks to its extraordinary durability!
  3. allows easy, low-cost installation since no crane is required!

Stone Casting's custom designs have been repeatedly used by Kiawah Island and Simonini Builders.